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For artists and lovers of art from businessmen and collectors, we have opened subscriptions for FREE now!




To know how to sign up and make an account step by step:



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How do I subscribe to the appropriate membership?

You can now subscribe by contacting us in any way that suits you on the Contact Us page.

How can I upload my paint art on the site?

Currently you can do so by contacting us in any way that suits you on the Contact Us page.

Can I upgrade from one membership to another before the subscription ends?

Yes, you can upgrade by communicating with us and the difference between the two membership will be paid.

How can I try the platform before signing up?

You can do this through the free membership and upload one paint art for the experiment.

Are all my paintings displayed on my home page when I subscribe?

If the shared membership contains this feature, some paintings will be shown randomly and will be changed from one time to another.

Are paintings checked before publication?

Yes, the site’s management reviews all works to ensure that they comply with the laws, etiquette and customs of the community, and the administration has the right to reject acts that are contrary to the above.

What payment method are available to subscribe?

Currently, payment can be made by bank transfer or cash payment after coordination with the website management.

What does “max. amount" mean in membership features?

This means that the sale price of the painting does not exceed the amount specified in the membership. If you see that your work is professional and deserves a higher amount, you can upgrade to the higher membership.

Can I unsubscribe and refund?

You can unsubscribe, but the amount is not refundable.

What does “Featured in Homepage" mean?

This means that you can mark the shared paintings of that membership randomly on the home page, increasing the chance to show them to the public and a greater opportunity to sell the painting.

What is the fate of the paintings submitted after the end of subscription and non-renewal?

In this case, all works will be hidden until you subscribe again. This will be up to a maximum of 3 months, after which the site will be entitled to permanently delete the business without requiring any information to be retrieved.

Do you offer any free community service?

Yes, we offer a free and special subscription membership for special needs, social security and care homes.