About Us

 Saudi artists found in the suffering of their generation and the generations that followed the rise of many galleries and control of the prices of paintings, poor storage and lack of interest in the painting, and moreover not giving the artist his rights fully, Selling and ratios of ambiguity.

In addition, it is the right of every artist to reach his art abroad and the world

.. Students of the arts and those interested have great hopes to achieve the dream of proliferation ..

We are all here a homeland for the homeland of Saudi art.

Art Auction Platform

It is hoped that all the works displayed on the site will reach the world and meet the vision of 2030.

Our vision is to make a modern technology showroom in a world that has become a space for all of us.

We meditate on the paintings of the other, enrich our minds and our senses with all the latest developments on the scene of artworks and that each artist has its own theater and private income.

Art Auction Platform